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Taku (Shop Manager Cum Director)

Taku is the best Henna stylist in monso. Henna is natural coloring by using Henna. It is very damage free ingredient. Taku is also the longest experienced stylist in monso. He has over 20 years experiences with high design techniques.

Taku’s hair catalog

Tomoko (Stylist)

Tomoko has 9 years experiences as a stylist and she is a very popular stylist among male and female customers. She has advanced sense of hair design techniques and good consulting abilities.

Tomoko’s hair catalog

Hiroto (Stylist)

Hiroto is very good at hair cut. He has worked in Bangkok for 4 years and Australia for 2 years. He is very friendly and good personality. He has good technic for hair cut & stylings.

Hiroto’s hair catalog

Aiko (Stylist)

Aiko has 10 years experiences in Japan as hair stylist. She is very good at Head Spa and Massage. She is very high quality skills with mild personality. Her personality will be giving very comfortable impression.